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Meet our Founder Tisa Hardin-Partridge

Ms. Tisa Hardin-Partridge is a 6 1/2 year Breast Cancer Survivor. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Human Service Counseling/Psychology, minor in Sociology, from Wayne State College, Wayne Nebraska. She is a mother of two sons, Aaron & Andre Partridge, who are both employed, and attending college. Ms Partridge has always been active in her community and church, leading Health Ministries. resident association and other groups.

In 2012 she was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, Stage 3. Ms. Partridge has a family history of breast cancer, with her maternal aunt passing in 1975, and many other family member passing away from various cancers. Ms. Partridge received 8 rounds of Chemotherapy, and 33 rounds of Radiation, from Immanuel Allegant Health, Dr. Reno and his team. During that time Ms. Partridge found that their was limited support, information, and guidance, specific to African American women, especially after the treatment was over. She also discovered the alarming statistic the African American women die 40% more than any other culture from breast cancer!

She joined 2 groups for support, My Sisters Keeper & Project Pink'd, both were helpful, but if it were not for Mrs. Toiya Brown, who passed away from breast cancer in 2016, she would be lost. She found it most helpful to be able to call someone who had been through the treatments, to ask questions, bounce off changes in the body, and just reassured, and get a heads up of possible things to come. "The Dr's. and staff were very much focused on the treatment, but what about the rest of me, how did this affect my family, my job, and others I care for?? I am more than this cancer, and how do I move forward after a Lumpectomy, Chemo. and Radiation that has forever changed my body and Life?"

It was good to see other African American survivors in My sisters Keeper, but most of them had not gone through the current treatment regiment, and could not help in that area. She worked within MSK from 2012-2016, until founder Jackie Hill passed. During her time with MSK, she started the Spring Honors Walk (2014) which is still an event of My Sister's Keepers today. Project Pink'd provided periodic holistic services that addressed the quality of life as a survivor, but did not provide ongoing support to process what was happening.

The fear of a re-occurrence of Breast Cancer is very real, so Ms. Partridge took her knowledge of Healthy Living, and social work, and started the Pink Lotus Project in 2017. The Mission is to provide holistic programs & services to those diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She recognized the connection between Mind, Body, & Soul, and how that translates into your total health. Ms. Partridge's ultimate goal is to open up The Pink Palace, a holistic house of healing for Breast Cancer survivors. A place to learn together, healthy lifestyle tips, techniques, food and information. A one stop shop, head quarters, where services can be provided, and support, Love, motivation and courage can be found. TOGETHER WE FIGHT!

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