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Her Story

I was diagnosed with stage two DCIS breast cancer December 21, 2015. My journey began months prior to the diagnosis when a sharp pain woke me up in the middle of the night during the summer. From there I had several doctor appointments and office visits that consisted of mammograms, MRI’s and a biopsy. 

When I was called back into the office for the results the doctor said and I quote, “I’m not going to pussyfoot around-you have cancer.” From their begin a barrage of information hurled my way-the stage of cancer I had, the size of the tumor, the type, the different types of Treatment and last but not least my life expectancy. The course of action was to have surgery-of my choosing, which consisted of deciding if I wanted a mastectomy, lumpectomy, or the big one, a double mastectomy. The surgery I chose would then be followed by chemo therapy and radiation, followed by five years of a drug called tamoxifen. 

One of the hardest parts of the journey was telling people that I had breast cancer. You never knew what reaction you would get. Some people would be sad for you and look at you with pity, and some people would give you spiritual words of affirmation. Some people took it very hard, and were more emotional than I was! Through it all the hardest part was saying the words, and I remember at times, many many times, I could not even say that sentence, “I have breast cancer”.

I began my journey of treating my breast cancer far before my first surgery. I begin to eliminate all processed foods and meats from my diet. I began drinking alkaline water and eating foods that were alkaline. My first surgery (lumpectomy) was on January 20, 2016, where they removed a large lump from my right breast. After healing and further testing they realize that they did not get all the cancer-and my second surgery was February 29 of that year – which ironically was leap year! 

After healing from both surgeries I was called back in and informed that I did not need chemotherapy. I truly believe that the change in my diet along with prayer, meditation and holistic treatments-such as the utilization of organic essential oil’s and removing toxins from my home, aided in my treatment and prevented me from needing chemo therapy. 

I endured six long weeks of radiation in April 2016. Again, I believe that using natural remedies such as emu oil and essential oils, aided in my skin burning more than it did, however it was a very painful time. It was not until August 21, 2016 that I heard the words you are in remission! 

Today I stand proud to say that I made it through that storm. I want to be of service and help women that are battling this disease know that it is not the end. Although there are various strains and types of cancer-some more aggressive than others, some more resistant to treatment than others, one thing is for sure, we are in the fight together...

The first thing that I said to my tumor was this, “I respect and understand the power you have, but you cannot stay, you must leave” and that’s exactly what it did....